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So who is this guy, Caleb?  He’s a weird dude.  That’s for sure.  But he’s also the passionate leader of and the EpicEveryRep Team!

I’m a Christian!

I take my faith seriously- so much so, that the FIRST thing I do every morning is Picture of brown leather biblepeel open the cover of my trusty “Every Man’s Bible” and dive into the word.  It’s absolutely amazing how the words written so long ago (some 3,500 years ago!) are still so relevant today.  My relationship and dedication to following God is what drives me to be who I am- I define myself as a Christian before anything else.

I lOvE gOoFiNg ArOuNd.

Coach Caleb in a clown suitIf you can’t have fun with life, what’s the point of living?  I love to act out my unfiltered personality first, and consider the consequences of my self-imposed social discrimination last (if ever).  I go to extreme lengths to make people laugh, to be a light of humor in a dark world, and to set an example of what joy you can have despite our everyday negative surroundings.  I credit a lot of my joy to my Christianity and relationship with Jesus, but it’s also a choice we make on a daily basis!

I’m a Beachbody Success Story.

I’ll humbly say here that the many products I represent as the lead Coach for the EpicEveryRep Team WORK.  I’m proof.  Use my true transformation as an example for what is really possible with your own body.  Stay true to your goals, don’t make excuses, and be consistent.  If you do this, you’ll make HUGE steps forward with your body over time.  It’s NOT an overnight thing!

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I’m a little bit of a hick. 

Coach Caleb Shooting an AR15 across the LakeIt’s true- I love guns, the outdoors, explosions, and machines that go fast, get muddy, and guzzle gas.  I sleep better in a sleeping bag.  The smell of pine needles, dirt and campfire smoke is better than air itself.  I regularly escape to my family-owned cabin property deep in the woods of Pennsylvania.  At this cabin, there’s no cellphones, no electricity, no traffic…not even real running water.  What it lacks in technology it more than makes up for in absolutely beautiful nature.

I play the trumpet.

Coach Caleb playing the trumpetThat’s right, I blow my own horn.  I toured the country with as World Champion drum and bugle corps member.  In May of 2011, I graduated with Magna Cum Laude honors from Penn State University Main Campus with a shiny new Trumpet Performance Degree.  Need a wedding trumpeteer?  Call your local Beachbody Coach!


I love extreme sports!

Honestly, it’s a pretty amazing thing that my body is still in one piece, let alone Bungee Jumpingthe fact that it functions pretty efficiently.  My adrenal glands get just as much of a work out as my muscles.  Power kiting, paintballing, rock climbing, powered parachuting, mountain biking, surfing, rope swinging, four-wheeling, bungee jumping, adventure racing, bridge jumping, scuba diving….everything is fair game for this death wisher.

I’m a certified pilot!

Caleb wearing sunglasses and a pilot headset“This is your Captain speaking”…Despite all of my risk taking, I still manage to dupe people into trusting me at the controls of very expensive airplanes and helicopters.  Captain Coach Caleb, terrorizing the birds of the sky, everywhere.

I love my dog Sheila.My dog sheila sitting with a bunch of tennis balls

How can you not love this face?  She’s an insanely energetic, loving, well-trained and loyal dog.  She’d do anything to be with me anywhere, and she’s just as adventurous as I am.  She’s my best friend!


I’m a full-time Beachbody Coach for the EpicEveryRep Team, and that’s only because I didn’t just want to do it part-time!  This is my job!  My passion for helping people is real.  My team is continuously growing, and the members are getting real results.  The opportunity of getting paid to pay it forward has been beyond rewarding.  Message me if this sounds like something you’d be interested in- I’m always looking to work with other motivated leaders!!!

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Much love!  (no hippie)

Coach Caleb

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