Faith building, Fitness, Nutrition, Support Group!

Faith building, Fitness, Nutrition, Support Group!

For the month of March, I’m hosting a behind-the-scenes faith building, fitness, nutrition, and support group for anybody that wants to get into a better heart and health routine.

Apply here:

Each member of this group will get:

-30 Bible devotions that I’m currently writing!!! They’ll be specifically tailored to our health and fitness focus and will draw from the most famous stories/lessons/people in the Bible.

-30 days of suggested prayer focus points to help you grow your faith and stick with your new healthy commitments

-My favorite 30 day Bible scripture reading plan

-A 30 day supply of our superfood meal replacement shakes (one daily)

-Unlimited streaming access to over 50 of our premium home fitness programs (500+ individual home workouts), meal plans, and workout calendars

-A complete set of our super easy-to-follow color-coded portion control containers and a shaker cup

-One on one coaching with ME as your coach!!!!!! :)

-Membership in all of my app-based virtual support coaching groups for all of 2017 and beyond!

-A 30-day money back guarantee (If you don’t see any results, you get all your moola back, even if you drink all the shakes!)
The IDEAL member would be somebody who wants to grow their relationship with Jesus by learning from the Bible, wants to start a fun and maintainable home exercise routine, wants to learn about simple nutrition and meal planning, wants the extra support and accountability of a coach, all in a well-proven system that’s helped many people get healthier!

Space is limited. We start on MARCH 6th!

Apply to join HERE:

I can’t wait to pour my heart into you as your coach!!!!


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