Discouraged by the mainstream fitness industry? YouV2 is for you!

Discouraged by the mainstream fitness industry? YouV2 is for you!

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I don’t know if you’re anything like me, but if you are, you get SUPER discouraged every time you try to get yourself into better shape.

What’s up everybody I’m Caleb and I’m a full time virtual health and fitness coach.

Now, tell me if I’m wrong about this- You buy your gym membership or a home fitness program, put on your favorite workout shorts, lace up your sneakers, get ALL amped up and blast out your first couple of workouts…..

And then promptly fall into a depression because you realize you’re physically DYING every time you even try. Add no matter what ANYbody says to encourage you, whether they’re a paid motivational coach or that perfect fitness model you follow on instagram or your spouse or best friend- the workouts are JUST too stinkin’ hard for you and you just can’t push yourself through that gut wrenching wall of reality you hit every time you try to get started.

Disclaimer: I fully recognize that I might take some flack from other professionals in the industry for being transparent and saying all this, but the reality is…I’m a full time virtual coach with a billion dollar fitness company, and this “discouragement factor” I’m talking about has been a MASSIVE problem that has plagued us since we started over a decade ago. And we’ve been…stupidly…holding ourselves back from helping SO many people that NEED help, because we’ve been so focused on the types of EXTREME fitness solutions that translate well into mainstream media advertisement- you know, the ones with all the baby oil RIPPED models who forget to put on clothing flexing their sexy muscles and sexy abs and …it’s all great but totally unrelatable……point is…. I’ve seen SO many real people, moms, dads, busy students, factory workers, teachers, nurses etc. join my private support groups behind the scenes only to leave broken hearted because there hasn’t been any options that I could give them, even our “beginner” options, because they’re just completely not possible for somebody who has 50 or even 150 pounds to lose.

But that’s why I’m making this video- I finally have a solution for you.

And it’s as simple as this- we made a home fitness program that’s….*GASP*…. actually easy. It’s accessible. It’s relatable. You can actually do it if you’re carrying around 150 extra pounds. You can actually do it if you knees or wrists can’t handle the abuse of high intensity circuit training. You can actually do it, feel really confident about doing it, and because of that completely positive experience, stick with it to the point of actually seeing results, finally!!!

It’s called YouV2 by Beachbody and it’s GREAT. Plain and simple, it just gets you moving. You listen to fun music and a quirky guy with a quirky accent stands in front of some REAL and RELATABLE people and teaches you some simple steps that has one goal- have fun fun while moving.

If you identify AT ALL with this video, please, reach out to me and give this a shot us. As a virtual coach, I host monthly support groups behind the scenes online so you have a community and don’t have to keep trying this alone.

I genuinely believe this new program solution is an industry disruptor and an opportunity for SO many people like YOU, because it’s totally affordable, it’s easily accessible, and until now, 99% of the overweight and unhealthy population (who we should have been focused on the most) won’t be left behind, discouraged, and forgotten anymore.

I’m EXCITED about this, because it’s actually a real solution, and I’d love to coach you through it. Let’s connect behind the scenes and talk about getting you started!

Love you guys, peace!
Coach Caleb

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