About Coach Caleb

About Coach Caleb

Who is Coach Caleb?

First and foremost, I’m a man of raw faith and devoted follower of Jesus! I make it my personal goal to have everything that I do, say, and believe reflect HIM. He gets all the glory in my life.

I’m also a restaurant bussboy turned full-time Beachbody Coach, a fur-baby dad to my beautiful weimaraner Sheila, an aviator (yes, I fly stuff and can usually land it safely), an avid outdoorsman, a marksman, and professional goofball.

How did Caleb get started with Beachbody?

Long story short? Illegally! 😛

In the video below, I share my story with an audience in Edmonton, Canada!

What are Coach Caleb’s goals?

Maybe a little different from many other Beachbody Coaches…

To share Jesus with millions through my platform, whether it be in health and fitness coaching with Team Beachbody, leadership and team building with my family of coaches on Team EpicEveryRep, speaking at local and international events, through my various social media presences, or even just smiling at a stranger while passing in an airport.

With that singular God-glorifying purpose, I’m driven to work with EXCELLENCE at everything He puts in front of me, including, possibly, you!!!

How do I contact Coach Caleb?

I can’t wait to talk to you! Just click the blue button below and you’ll be taken to my contact page! Talk soon!

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2 thoughts on “About Coach Caleb

  1. Hello Caleb,

    I wrote to you A LOT of message on youtube (so sorry about that). As a succesful coach you probably dont have a lot of time, then i’ll be quick 🙂

    I know that i am not in your team…but you such an inspiration for me, and would really really like to have acces to your coach stuff on your site…do you think its possible?

    I also would like to know what the program are you using for making your video and all the othe funny stuff and voice 🙂

    I am really taking a try (I dont even know if i can say that in english)

    Have a great day and thank you so much again,


  2. Caleb,
    When I join which will be soon saying I hope this weekend, I was thinking I will be going on a mission trip to Cuba at the end of February how does that work when you will be gone for a full week? I know there will not be internet access there how would I operate the business? Please any info would be appreciated.

    Thanks Jody

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